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We have been through some more changes as we have started to evolve.  There have been changes to the rank system and permissions once again.  If you are interested in learning about these changes please check out the post on guild announcements. Have fun and happy hunting!!!


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First guild raid of Molten Core

Kasubu, Jul 31, 11 1:26 PM.
Saturday the guild got together and ran Molten Core in hopes of a guild achievement but sadly our numbers were short by two for it to count, however, we ran it anyway with only 8 people all from the guild. The group consisted of:

Keynstus (Lvl 60 Holy Priest)
Mctopz (Lvl 62 Shadow Priest)
Mokkos (Lvl 79 Balance Druid)
Shaala (Lvl 67 Arcane Mage)
Bekalb (Lvl 75 Retribution Paladin)
Wickedsmart (Lvl 60 Frost Death Knight)
Aitron (Lvl 80 Restoration Druid)
Zalinessa (Lvl 85 Blood Death Knight)

For this first guild run Zalinessa was our tank, Aitron was our main healer with Keynstus assisting, and Mctopz, Mokkos, Shaala, Bekalb, and Wickedsmart dealing our damage. With such an interesting group makeup there were a few bumps and bruises to be had along the way. Keynstus seemed to be the raid favorite for random aggro which resulted in many rebirths and Death Knight ressurections during combat. Our simpathy goes out to poor Keynstus for this ultimate sacrifice in Molten Core. Keynstus however was the proud winner of most of the Tier 1 gear that dropped in Molten Core so for that we say congratulations. Aitron and Keynstus healing made this run simply pleasing to watch. Keynstus picked up the gaps where Aitron wasn't paying attention or stunned or silenced. The damage group did there jobs wonderfully making Zalinessa's job much easier on her armor. Zalinessa
tanked very well for her first time tanking a raid. All in all the raid went wonderfully with minimal hickups and we made it through to the end.

I want to thank all those who participated and hope to see more guild participation in the future. Happy playing and always smile

DKP in use

Kasubu, Jul 30, 11 7:37 PM.
To all new and old members we will be now using the DKP system for raid drop items. Points will be awarded for attendence for all guild related funtions. Calendar events will only award points to those that sign up and attend the event. Random events will award points to those who attend. All gear will be distributed to main specs first and then off specs second. All events will be posted on the guild website with reminders on the MoTD in game.
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